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Gathering together to explore the magic of astrology and human design.


The Cosmic Laundry Community is a place for astrology + human design enthusiasts to gather, explore, and connect. 


A community of people who are astro-obsessed, just like you!

Gisele will be popping in to share astro-downloads, forecasts, and little tidbits. 

Stay updated on the latest events + workshops.  

About Gisele

Gisele is an astrologer and human design reader with a background in psychology and social work. She loves to create offerings that help people connect to their sense of magic, passion, and purpose. She is a 3/5 Manifesting Generator with a dream of bringing the language of the cosmos into helping us navigate every aspect of our lives. 

She carries the gifts of insight (43-23 channel), inspiration (1-8 channel), awakening (10-20 channel), exploration (10-34 channel), and empowerment (34-20 channel). 

You are a Creator. You are Divine. You have powerful magic to give to the world.

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